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iMEDIATE has been associated, professionally and voluntarily, with many organisations working to strengthen democracy, encourage local economic development and promote social justice and respect for civil, political, social economic and cultural rights. The following are links to a range of organisations with whom we have worked or whose campaigns we have supported.
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21 On Par
ON PAR is a South African consultancy based in Cape Town. Started in 2005, it has a focus on social, political and economic issues, and provides the following services: Research, Monitoring & Evaluation, Training and Materials development. ON PAR adopts a consultative, participatory and gender analytical approach to all its work. It shares iMEDIATE's passion for promoting a culture of human rights.
22 Operation Jumpstart Association
Operation Jumpstart was established in 1992 to manage the funds raised through the KwaZulu-Natal Lotto, following the creation of the National Lottery. It aims to alleviate human suffering through the provision of resources and services to registered public benefit organisations in KZN.
23 Oxfam Australia (South Africa)
Oxfam Australia manages the Joint Oxfam HIV/AIDS Program (JOHAP) in South Africa, which seeks to strengthen civil society's response to HIV and AIDS by supporting integrated community-based services. In 2007, Oxfam Australia launched a Southern Africa Child Social Protection Program, a cross-country initiative located in Zimbabwe and South Africa, which aims to reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS on children, young people and families/households.
24 The Reality of Aid
The Reality of Aid project is the major north/south international non-government initiative focusing exclusively on analysis and lobbying in the international aid regime. It brings together more than 40 civil society networks working in the field of international cooperation in the 22 donor countries, in Asia, the Americas and Africa. Its work provides the evidence base for advocacy on poverty eradication policies and practices.
25 Save the Children Sweden
Save the Children Sweden bases its work on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the UN Declaration on Human Rights. These international instruments hold that all people are equal and that children have special rights. They recognise that everyone has a responsibility to realise human rights but that governments have a special obligation.
Save the Children believes that children can fight for their rights, if they are given the opportunities, support and encouragement to do so.
26 Shuter & Shooter
Shuter & Shooter Publishers (Shuters) is based in Pietermaritzburg, the capital of KwaZulu-Natal. Shuters develops and publishes educational and general books for the southern Africa market. It publishes in most South African languages.
27 South African NGO Coalition - SANGOCO
The South African NGO Coalition (SANGOCO) aims to coordinate NGO input into government policy and ensure that civil society continues to serve the people of South Africa. SANGOCO is the largest single umbrella body of NGOs in the Southern African region, with members across the country, and working on all issues affecting South Africa’s development.
28 Towards Elimination of Child Labour - TECL Programme
TECL is a joint effort by the South African government and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to implement the Child Labour Programme of Action. TECL prioritises the worst forms of child labour, namely, commercial sexual exploitation of children, children being used by adults to commit crime, child trafficking, and hazardous work, including excessive collection of water.
29 Training and Resources in Early Education - TREE
Education is the key that is a primary right belonging to all children. TREE endeavors to provide a totally holistic integration intervention by reaching out to rural poverty-stricken areas in particular, to address the lack of education. TREE not only improves the educational future of young children but also empowers women with skills, which will enable them to be more self-sufficient and of value to their communities.
30 Treatment Action Campaign - TAC
The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) was founded in 1998 in Cape Town, South Africa. It campaigns for proper care and treatment for people with HIV and works to reduce new HIV infections. Its efforts have resulted in many life-saving interventions, including the implementation of country-wide mother-to-child transmission prevention and the antiretroviral treatment programmes.
31 Unicef
Unicef is the United Nations children's fund, established to realise the provisions and principles of the UN CRC. It aims to ensure that policy and resources are geared to ensuring the survival, protection, development and participation of children.
32 Valley Trust
Valley Trust is a centre for health promotion, founded in 1953 and situated in the Valley of a Thousand Hills, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Its vision is communities in which people take responsibility for improving their own health and quality of life within a democratic society. Its core work is enabling people to initiate and sustain developmental change.
33 World Conference of Religions for Peace
Religions for Peace is the largest international coalition of representatives from the world’s great religions dedicated to promoting peace. Respecting religious differences while celebrating our common humanity, Religions for Peace creates multi-religious partnerships dedicated to stopping war, ending poverty, and protecting the earth. The South African partner can be contacted by e mail at
RAPCAN (Resources Aimed at the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect) works to promote the rights and protection of children in South Africa and the region. RAPCAN delivers direct services to children and families, aimed at promoting the rights and protection of children. We also undertake training and develop resource materials with a view to strengthening the quality of work undertaken by others in relation to children and families. Our advocacy work is aimed at ensuring that legislation, policy and practice are consonant with the international children’s rights framework.
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