Tuesday, 25 September 2018
Ncunjane Primary School
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iMediate embarked on getting support for the Ncunjane Primary School.  We received cash donations from individuals that is being used to complete the classroom that was built by the parents. We also received donations from the private sector namely The Lapdesk Company and the First National Bank - UMhlanga Crescent Branch.

A boy writing using a block to sit onThe Ncunjane Primary School is attended by about 250 children from Ncunjane, Msinga (about 32 km west of Tugela Ferry). It is a satellite of the Mathinta Primary School, which is not accessible to children from this area.  The Ncunjane school has almost no infrastructure (no roads, no water or electricity, 3 mud classrooms, one mud classroom in ruins and one almost completed cement block room,). It has no furniture (none of the classrooms have desks or chairs), no chalkboards or teaching aids. The teachers are in need of the most basic materials and support. 

The parents are doing their best to raise money to extend and improve the school. At the moment it goes from Grade 1 to 5. The conditions are not conducive to effective learning and teaching. The classrooms are in a state of disrepair and do not protect against bad weather. Most children sit on the dirt floor, some on empty maize/flour sacks. The current Grade 5 ‘classroom’ has only one and a half walls, there are 41 learners, insufficient benches and insufficient space for them all to sit. Click here to view our gallery


The Lapdesk Company

The Lapdesk Company, with the support of corporate role-players, international agencies and NGOs is providing portable lapdesks to children in under-resourced and over-crowded schools. The Lapdesk is a cost-effective, creative solution to lack of desks and space in any learning environment.

What is a lapdesk?

  1. A portable desk

The ergonomically designed, durable desk fits neatly on a student’s lap, whether they are seated in a chair, on a bench or on the floor. The platform is wide enough to hold a textbook and a notebook or writing pad.

2.  A media platform

Each Lapdesk is printed with a design and a message from the Lapdesk sponsor. Therefore, it can be used to deliver information on social issues as well as carry corporate branding.

The Lapdesk Company is active in South Africa, most of Africa, India and Latin America.  They not rely soley on corporate support to provide Lapdesks to children in need. The Lapdesk Company has supported over 20 children with financial support, cash donations to schools from time to time (as/when they are able) and they provide annual financial support to a junior football team – Archbishop Tutu X1

For more information visit: www.lapdesk.co.za  


First National Bank -  UMhlanga Crescent Branch

The First National Bank – UMhlanga Crescent Branch is refurbishing their offices and have donated their furniture to the school.


Waltons Stationery

KZN Waltons donated Back to School stationery packs for children at Mathinta and Ncunjane Primary Schools. 

Visit their website:www.waltons.co.za