Friday, 19 October 2018
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We are proud to introduce our new website.

iMEDIATE's cyber-makeover reflects exciting new developments in our work. The site reflects our focus on areas where we have passion as well as skills and experience. It has a more personal touch because our passion and our expertise are driven by the people with whom we work.

So, here you will find information about all the professional services on which our reputation has been established. You will also get a better sense of who we are and what moves us – and you will see how we are spreading our wings by writing what we like. Be sure to check our competition and details of the book launch on 13 March.

Thanks to Karen, Justin and Mabusi for bringing this site to life, and to all who have made an input.

We would welcome your comments on any aspect of the website. We look forward to extending our networks and deepening our connections and partnerships with like-minded organisations and individuals.

So, go to our blog and write what you like!