Tuesday, 25 September 2018
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iMEDIATE has expertise in training, education and development facilitation in a wide range of sectors. Our approach is innovative and participatory, based on recognition of prior learning and practical application of knowledge and skills. We can help build skills at every stage from planning to monitoring and evaluation.

We design and conduct training programmes and workshop tailored to the needs of children, adults and older people from diverse backgrounds. We offer training and facilitation in English and Zulu.

Education for Democracy

  • Training in democratic transition, good governance and political tolerance with specific reference to free and fair elections;
  • Developing voter education training programmes for free and fair elections;
  • Human rights education, training and the production of training materials;
  • Training in political leadership, political tolerance and multi-party democracy;
  • Development of training manuals and tools for voter education, political tolerance and human rights education. Includes the design and production of educational posters, pamphlets, T-shirts and brochures.


iMEDIATE has designed and run workshops and training courses on leadership for local government, community organisations and youth groups. Our programmes cover topics such as What makes a leader? Qualities of good leadership, Types of Leadership and Leadership skills.


Phoenix Youth Leadership Programme

iMEDIATE ran an exciting training programme on Youth Leadership course called 'Our Future in Our Hands' with and for young people of Phoenix Community Centre. Twenty four young people – aged 16 to 33 years participated in the course giving up their school vacation, others took leave from work or a break from studies in order to gain more leadership skills and knowledge. The majority of the group were already involved in a youth organization, a religious organization, non-profit organization or cultural group.Seven of the participants said they were already playing a leadership role in the community, eight were certain they could become leaders and seven thought they probably had what it takes to become leaders.The course covered:

  • Understanding identity
  • Embracing diversity
  • Overcoming discrimination
  • Protecting all our rights
  • Securing our future.
For more information please visit: www.phoenixcommunitycentre.co.za



We have facilitated processes to help recognise, understand and manage diversity among youth from different cultural, religious and economic backgrounds.


iMEDIATE members have been involved in advocacy and training around participation since 1989. We have worked in the context of transition in Namibia, South Africa and Malawi, promoting participation in governance. Since 1997, we have run children's participation processes focusing on rights, lifeskills, peer education, advocacy and participation in governance and budgeting.