Tuesday, 25 September 2018
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Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Arbitration and Conciliation

Conflict is an obstacle to development in most societies. Misunderstanding and poor communication often lie at the root of conflict. To overcome conflict we need to understand each other better, to listen to and respect each other regardless of our differences. iMEDIATE offers creative mediation and conflict resolution interventions.

Whether the problem is conflict over land or services, in a school, on the factory floor, in a government department or a community organisation, we can assist those involved in finding creative solutions. We are also committed to building the skills needed to anticipate and manage conflict.

Our mediation credentials include:

Accredited Mediator with IMSSA (Independent Mediation Services of South Africa).
  • Conflict resolution interventions/strategies to the following sectors: NGOs, government departments, private sector companies and political parties.
  • Training of trainers in conflict resolution strategies – training focuses on mediation, conciliation, facilitation and arbitration.
Commissioner with the CCMA (Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration).
  • Proactive conflict prevention strategies at the work place.
Other experience includes:
  • Facilitating negotiations between government, political leaders, private sector investors, civil society and community based organisations.
  • Mediating disputes in the development process.
  • Training of approximately 120 community-based mediators in the development, political and education sectors.
Managing change and valuing diversity

Everybody can be an agent of change, bringing new and useful perspectives to difficult situations. iMEDIATE can help develop strategies for planning and managing transformation processes. These include programmes to help reduce prejudice, encourage tolerance and appreciate diversity.

Recent mediations include:
  • Labour tenant mediations in Northern KwaZulu-Natal;
  • Mediating land restitution disputes in Cato Manor;
  • Land tenure mediations on the South Coast;
  • Mondi Paper Company – Environmental Impact Assessment company selection;
  • Participation in the public consultation and adjudication process for the renaming of the Durban Unicity.