Friday, 19 October 2018
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Career Profile

Makhosi is based in Durban, South Africa, and works as an independent consultant in the social development sector. She specializes in social facilitation and research and she works mostly with NGO’s and most of her work is based in rural areas, although she also does work in urban areas, but this is mostly training.

She has worked in the sector for over ten years, first in adult education then gender and domestic violence, HIV and AIDS and most recently in sustainable rural livelihoods and land, (with specific focus on land tenure issues in traditional rural areas in KwaZulu-Natal).

Over the past 13 years she has worked in the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern and Western Cape as well as in Gauteng and in Mpumalanga developing and facilitating social development strategies for various institutions and organizations. She has a strong background in using participatory methods.

Having worked with numerous NGO’s and local government departments in South Africa as well as with international organisations such as Oxfam and JRCT, Makhosi boasts a strong experience in the non-profit sector underpinned by socio-economic research and strategic facilitation. She is a founding and managing member of MbheM Social Development, her own consulting firm specialising in social development research and facilitation

She holds a bachelor of Social Science degree and a post graduate Diploma in Adult Basic Education from the University of KwaZulu Natal. She also did courses on gender studies.

Career History

Makhosi started her career in 1997, after obtaining her post-graduate degree in adult basic education in an NGO. Below is the summary of her career history.

2005 to date: Independent Consultant:

  • Facilitating mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS into the work of the NGO’s affiliated to Midlands Rural Development Network (Midlands). This was a 12 month project which was funded by German Technical Corporation (GTZ);
  • Assessing and monitoring the impact of the NGO leadership forum aimed at mainstreaming HIV into the work of 20 NGO’s in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape. The forums were facilitated by Project Empower, a Durban based NGO working with HIV and AIDS issues;
  • Conducting training for developing HIV and AIDS work place programmes for InWEnt Capacity Building International, Germany, using materials they had developed;
  • Action research projects aimed at understanding tenure security in rural communal property institutions, coupled with an exploration of how different interventions could work towards building resilience and reducing vulnerability in order to contribute towards sustainable livelihoods;
  • Conducting an impact assessment for the Joseph Rowntree Cheritable Trust which is based in London on NGO’s they are funding in KwaZulu-Natal;
  • Conducting donor mapping for Oxfam GB. In this work she was sub-contracted through McIntosh Xaba and Associates (MXA);
  • Developing case studies on private and public sector water provision in SA – research conducted in Ilembe District Municipality for Water Dialogues South Africa.

The main projects she is involved with are based in KwaZulu – Natal in the larger Umsinga area. She has also worked in a similar project based in Mpumalanga Province in Nelspruit. This work she does within a voluntary association called LEAP (Learning approach to increasing the security of tenure of poor and vulnerable people, in order to enhance their livelihoods and access to services and local economic development), in partnership with NGO’s that work in these areas.

2004 Network Coordinator – Centre for HIV/AIDS Networking (HIVAN)

  • Part-time planning and coordinating role, in relation to community-based networking events; conducting training needs assessments in community groups and organising relevant training programmes for these.

2001 Project Manager – National Development Agency (NDA)

  • Managing NDA funded projects in the KZN municipal districts of Umkhanyakude, Zululand and UThungulu. This work involved assessing feasibility and viability of projects, conditionally approving projects; conducting situational / stakeholder analysis in areas where potential projects were based and monitoring project implementation and expenditure.

1999 Project Co-ordinator – Domestic Violence Assistance Programme (DVAP)

  • Work involved managing and overseeing operation of five advice offices; organising and facilitating trainings for the advice officers; developing material for gender and domestic violence education; facilitating gender and human rights workshops and fundraising.

1997 Project Officer – Natal ABE (Adult Basic Education) Support Agency

  • Makhosi was involved in developing mother tongue literacy materials for learners and educators; training of educators and coordinators of ABET centers; monitoring and supporting community ABET centers and conducting evaluations of ABET programmes.

Other Activities

  • Translating training and educational material from English to Zulu
  • Co-developing and editing educational material at ABET levels 2 and 3 for EIM training consultants
  • Contributing a chapter on gender to grades 11 and 12 Life Orientation teacher and learner handbook, sub-contracted by Media in Education Trust (MiET)
  • Presented a paper at JRCT conference in Durban, October 2008: Working for Peace and Justice in South Africa; Practitioners’ reflections on the struggles; barriers and achievements; successes and prospects for the future.