Friday, 19 October 2018
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Eric has been involved in community development, through CBOs and church and ecumenical agencies since the 1980s. He is passionate about connecting individuals and organisations with human and material resources for development.

Eric has served on the board of TREE (Training and Resources for Early Education) since 1991, providing key governance direction, financial management and contributing to content development of Early Childhood Development (ECD) programmes. TREE has become the largest provider of ECD programmes in South Africa. Eric currently chairs the board and tries to spread the message, said so clearly by Economist, James Heckman and others, that providing quality ECD brings the best possible returns on investment in education and training at any level.

"Yes we can"

For many years, Eric has undertaken mentorship of young people, trying to instill in them a belief that Barack Obama has made famous – ‘Yes we can’. Along with Deborah Ewing, he has volunteered to provide leadership, diversity and conflict resolution training for youth, through WHOC and other organisations. He has extensive experience providing training for volunteers for large sporting and community events.

He has provided training and development of NGOs requiring funding, He has also worked with non-government organisations seeking public/private partnerships with donors and government departments to build capacity and deliver services in a more effective way.