Friday, 19 October 2018
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iMEDIATE Development Communications conducts participatory, community-based research designed to raise the voice of people whose views are not usually heard, including people living in poverty, children and older people, women and people living with HIV and AIDS.

We conduct research to support advocacy, policy formulation and programme implementation on issues such as rural development, poverty relief, education, AIDS and human rights.



Recent research includes:

  • Child Labour Monitoring – National Indicators and Follow-the-Child research. Studies with McIntosh Xaba and Associates the for Towards Elimination of Child Labour Programme (TECL). Department of Labour/International Labour Organisation. (2008)
  • The causes, nature and impact of child work and labour in the agricultural sector in South Africa. Research study with the Child Youth Family and Social Development Programme of the Human Sciences Research Council for the TECL programme. Department of Labour/International Labour Organisation. (2007)
  • The State of Social Giving. Centre for Civil Society UKZN. (2005-6)
  • A Rights-Based Approach to Reducing Child Poverty. Save the Children Sweden. (2006)
  • Social Audit of NPOs in South Durban with Phakama. Durban South ABM. (2006)
  • A Guide to Civic Education. National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE). Malawi. (2005)
  • Children’s Participation Component, Monitoring Child Socio-Economic Rights. Idasa. Cape Town. (2004)
  • Stolen Childhood – a dossier based on a study of child rape. Children First. (2003)
  • Child Rights Through Evaluation. Development FOCUS UK. (2001)
  • Child Poverty and the Budget. Idasa. (2000)
  • Obstacles to Learning and Teaching in KwaZulu-Natal. JET. (1999)
  • Basic Human Rights for Rural People; HIV/AIDS and Children’s Rights. Practical Ministries. KZN. (1998)